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Xeekworx is inspired development.. things I'm inspired to do and to share with others. Not just programming, but maybe also some culinary fun! More technically Xeekworx is my personal blog and website for my current projects and thoughts. The name comes from the alias I use online, which has evolved to what was from past aliases (My real name is John). So then how do you pronounce "Xeek?" Simple - just as it's written. Most are confused by the 'X' but when used like this it resembles the sound of the letter 'Z'. Ultimately the pronunciation is zeek-works.

What programming languages do I use? Well, C/C++ is my most experienced language. I started learning C when I was 10 and C++ when I was 12. That was close to 22 years ago! Through the years I've dabbled in HTML, PHP, Turbo Pascal, etc. but I never really liked them as much. My interest is in desktop applications and not so much the web. I tend to be pretty good at turning out professional websites, but it's not something I enjoy doing on a daily basis. More recently (the past several years) I've developed a lot more with C# so that I can quickly turn out applications. Since then I developed "Cobalt Backup" and made it available as trial-ware. That project has since been put into end-of-life though, local backup software is a thing of the past now that online backups are mainstream. Today I still use a lot of C/C++, but I use Python heavily with my day job. I'm a Software Analyst by profession and while having such a large amount of development experience aids in that; there's far less stress at my job. I greatly enjoy what I do and still get to do a lot of development at work, but I can't share those particular projects with you here.

So what kind of food am I most likely to talk about? I'm Cajun... yes we have computers too. A majority of the food I create is from the American South, but I often try new things too! I'm not a chef, but I have worked in nice restaurants a great part of my life to get by. I'll be honest though -- most of what I know about cooking comes from my Mom and experimentation. Fortunately, I was also blessed with a very good sense of taste. I'm at home with anything from the South, Louisiana, and French Cuisine. I've never been able to master Italian, partly because making a sauce is one of my weaknesses.

Electronics and 3D Printing are just as exciting! Yes I'm doing a lot with this now. I'm a maker, so you'll probalby see some of my projects here! I'm familiar with all kinds of Arduinos. I own many Raspberry Pis and even use the new Raspberry Pi 2 B+ as my primary linux system (running ArchLinux ARM). I sometimes also make my own circuits for projects and hopefully soon you'll see some of my printed circuit boards rather than the ones I lay out with spare wires. That's really the direction I'm headed -- to design circuit boards for other project goers. I'm a believer in open-source, but may provide maufacutered boards for those who are less comfortable with UV light and Acid Baths to make their own. Please let me know if you have any ideas for projects that you woudl like to see me work on and share!


IRC (Internet Relay Chat):
I know it's a very old form of communication, but it when it comes to tech stuff that's where you'll find us still today. You can find me on Freenode. I run the channel ##windev so you will always find me there and I'm often not AFK. I also frequently idle in ##c-basic, #sdl, and #arduino.