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To keep up with new blog posts, articles, and good finds online about makers, technology, and coding follow me on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. If something is happening in that world or this website you'll stay caught up with it all. Thanks to all who are already following, new project posts are coming soon!


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Archived Articles

Some of the old articles I had on the old site have been brought over. You can check them out by clicking one of the categories under the main menu (such as Windows API or C/C++). Add a comment

What is Xeekworx?

Xeekworx is inspired development.. things I'm inspired to do and to share with others. Not just programming, but maybe also some culinary fun! More technically Xeekworx is my personal blog and website for my current projects and thoughts. The name comes from the alias I use online, which has evolved to what was from past aliases (My real name is John). So then how do you pronounce "Xeek?" Simple - just as it's written. Most are confused by the 'X' but when used like this it resembles the sound of the letter 'Z'. Ultimately the pronunciation is zeek-works.

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Work in progress...

Thanks for visiting (or returning) to the site! I've recently ended Squarespace due to the lack of features I need for this kind of blog and because of this I had to completely start over. Some of the old articles may return, but there will be a lot of new ones to replace them! I originally chose Squarespace to simplify my posting online and so that I would not have to spend so much time on HTML / CSS and PHP (... so that I could spend more time coding in C++ and bringing you my guides and tidbits). This new website will be using Joomla behind the scenes - but the template was made by me from scratch (It was tedious!).

New articles will come soon, but if you do not see them yet it's because I'm still refining the site's configuration or bug fixing the template. Feel free to e-mail me and let me know what you think!

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