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Raspberry Pi ZeroToday, the Raspberry Pi Zero released! I haven't even heard of this until now, so it was a very pleasant Thanksgiving surprise! I'm very excited to get my hands on one of these because it fits a lot of my project needs almost perfectly (compared to the Raspberry Pi A+). It has the power of the Raspberry Pi Version 1, but it's clocked to be 40% faster. One of the things I'm excited about is not just the small size, but the unpopulated GPIO (headers not installed). I usually don't want this and am reluctant to go about removing them on a more expensive Raspberry Pi. I forgot to mention, it's cheap, at just $5. You might end up paying more to get the USB On-The-Go adapter and HDMI adapter (+ a NOOBS microSD card if you need one).

I've ordered one today, but since I heard about it a little too late it's not going to arrive until the end of December. So hopefully around the beginning of January I'll write more about this product.