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Ben Heck, master hacker, engineer, and tech hobbyist

The Ben Heck Show element14's The Ben Heck Show is one of my most favorite YouTube channels because not only does he hack, engineer, and make cool stuff; he brings a "heck" of a lot of fun into it!

Benjamin Heckendorn, or just "Ben Heck", combines electronics, custom circuits, 3D Printing, and an assortment of other maker techniques to build projects that solve problems. Not only that, but every once in awhile he teaches us how electronics work, methods for designing enclosures, and answers your questions. This channel puts out high quality entertainment that teaches a lot, so any maker creating and reverse engineering electronics should subscribe and keep up with his videos every Friday.

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James Bruton and his Innovative Creations

James Bruton (XRobots.co.uk)

James Bruton is owed a lot of credit for some of what now exists at Xeekworx.com. If you're looking to be inspired by anything that is Robotic, Cosplay, Prop Replica, 3D-Printing, or Electronics then you probably need to start keeping up with his YouTube channel and website XRobots.co.uk. There are a lot of YouTube channels out there that are putting out some good stuff, but rarely do I find one that does it so well.

Bruton takes us step by step and rarely anything is missed, but you can also check out his website and get all of the details on projects featured in his videos. He has also released a lot of downloads free for everyone for his BB-8 and R6 projects at GitHub. Other downloads are available through an XRobots Patreon membership, which is well worth any price option you choose to suppot work and future projects. I personally would rather pay for content like this over cable TV.

There are a lot of other projects he has worked on, but in this article I'm going to go through some of his latest work.

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