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Seedling Crime SceneThings are moving fast with the gardening project! My tomato seedlings are growing fast and at least a week ahead of schedule. Today it's time to choose who stays and who goes. Seedling genocide.

Unfortunately, I don't have enough room for every seedling to have a life, or enough friends to give them to so to make sure each healthy plant get's it's own space to grow, the number of plants per pot will have to be reduced to one per pot. I really hate doing this, but to ensure I have the best plants I had to grow more than I needed.


Seedling GraveyardStart by finding the best plant in each section and very gently pull out the rest. In some cases a section would have mostly weak looking plants so I left two instead of one. You'll want to be very gentle, I used tweezers, so that you don't harm the roots of the seedling you want to keep.

After it's all done I'm left with an impressive graveyard. I'm not going to try and transplant these to save them, they're too young to handle this kind of abuse. Eventually, I'll have to do this with the peppers as well (these are tomatoes), but peppers tend to take a lot more time to grow.

Here's an update with the peppers! Many of them, especially the jalapenos, are breaking ground.
Pepper Seedling Status