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The Final TransplantThe tomatoes and peppers have finally reached their limit in their 6" pots, so today I spent a lot of back breaking work getting them into their final pots. I have two different kinds of pots, 5.5 gallon nursery pots and large 18" pots that are probably close to 7 gallons. The soil I used is the same from the previous blog article, but I had to buy 4 cubic feet of it. Each 2 cubic feet bag of soil was good for about 2 pots with a little left over. I actually would have needed more than this, but I had some leftover soil from last year.

I planted the peppers at their existing soil level, but the tomatoes I buried a little deeper than they were before and trimming off some of the lower branches. I can't plant them too deep, because there is really not a lot of depth in pots. It would have been a different story if I were in a real garden; they would be planted with half their length in the ground. I've never had to disturb the roots and I don't prefer to, so there has been absolutely no observable transplant shock.

I also planted a single crooked neck squash and some mint. Also growing are green onions, catnip, parsley, basil, dill, and patio princess tomato for my office.